Tuesday, August 22, 2006

InterVideo MediaOne Gallery Platinum 2.0B043

InterVideo MediaOne Gallery Platinum 2.0B043

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InterVideo MediaOne Gallery is the easiest way to manage and share your digital life with family & friends. The intuitive thumbnail library automatically organizes, updates and sorts files for the most natural way to browse your multimedia collection. You’ll get a kick out of sharing music, video and photos with simple ways to create audio CDs, DVD movies, Web photo albums and so much more. MediaOne Gallery is the easiest multimedia management software and a must-have for every computer.

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Auto-Organize Files with the Media Library :

- Automatically scans and organizes your digital media by date and folder name
- Continually syncs the media library with your PC
- Creates thumbnails for easy browsing
- Intuitively sort all the files by file type, tag, and rating

Search & Find Files Fast :

- Enjoy powerful index searching with Google Desktop™
- Search & find all similar pictures with InterVideo’s SceneMatch™ 2
- Download your favorite media and burn directly to disc
- Easily share photos using Hello™ Instant Messenger
- Easily search and find images with similar backgrounds just by just dragging & dropping files onto the search bar. Now Scene Match™ 2 has an enhanced recognition rate and can even search for similar video and audio clips!
Author, Burn, & Share Digital Media :
- One ease-to-use interface to connect all your devices
- Seamless file sharing between your Digital Camera, DV Camera, Webcam and other devices
- Easy sharing by creating slideshow CD/DVDs, DVDs, data discs, Web pages, and more


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