Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SWiSHStudio 2.0 2006.08.25

SWiSHStudio 2.0 2006.08.25

SWiSH Studio2 lets you convert your SWF files to projector executables, screensavers or burn directly to a CD-ROM and DVD in three easy steps. SWiSH Studio2 is packed with features that will have you creating your own Flash applications in no time.

Key Features of SWiSH Studio :

- Window Skins & Styles
Select from professionally-design window skins and styles, including windowless and transparent background.

- Combine Multiple Movies
Combine mutiple Flash movies and define the playing order and play back options.

- Edit Settings
Customize appearance, playback controls, context menus and watermarks.

Allow users to interact with your movies with keyboard and mouse controls.

- Publish EXEs & Screensavers
Convert your Flash movies into a standalone projector executables (EXE) or Windows screensavers.

- Burn CD-ROMs and DVDs
Burn your movies straight to a CD-ROM or DVD, perfect for those presentations and demos.

- FS Command Support
Using FSCommands give you access to a powerful set of commands and system calls.

- Preloader Support
Supports Flash (SWF) preloaders to occupy users whilst content is loading.




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