Friday, August 25, 2006

Vista Transformation Pack 5.0

Vista Transformation Pack 5.0

Vista Transformation Pack will give to your Windows XP system the new and cool look of Microsoft's future operating system: Windows Vista. The pack changes most of the system icons, skins and toolbars and also adds new enhancements to your desktop such as a dock bar or a different system tray clock. It is free and does a great job of giving machine a look similar to Vista.

It does have uninstallation options in case you decide you want to get rid of it, so there really isn’t anything to lose. However, when you install the software it has to overwrite some system files (it modifies things like the boot screen) so Windows will prompt you stating that your system files have been changed. It will ask whether you want to change them back or leave them, so just leave them if you want the system to function properly.

From now on you can update Vista Transformation Pack without uninstalling and you can even integrate Vista Transformation Pack into Windows setup files. (Still experimental, though but most of them are fine enough to be implemented) This release has a lot of update covering from build 5472 so you’ll get much more icons update and much better visual styles and WindowBlinds skin, with bugs from earlier release fixed.

Changes in Version 5.0:

· Added function to update existing UI transformation to the machine (Now user doesn’t need to uninstall before applying new ones anymore!)
· Added function to choose whenever user wants to apply UI transformation to the machine and setup files folder or enter Maintenance Center
· Added Q&A from Windows X’s shrine forum
· Added setup destination for applying Vista UI transformation (system transformation or setup integration)
· Added System Files’ resources modifying verification so you can know if this program can modify your system files or not
· Added system files compatibility with Neutral language ID (0)
· Added Vista wide screen boot screen (16:9) option
· Fixed Guest’s user picture lost after uninstall
· Fixed Internet Explorer 7 modifying issues
· Fixed LClock’s install path association bug
· Fixed Rebuilding icons cache problems on some machines (Need to be executed from maintenance center)
· Fixed Shutdown/Logoff button text removing (impure backup file, losing explorer.exe on some machines)
· Fixed some resources modification bug (such batmeter.dll resources on xpsp2res.dll, etc.)
· Fixed Themes service will be always enabled after uninstall (I’ve heard enough complaining about this)
· Fixed Vista logon’s shutdown button disappearance bug on some machines
· Fixed Windows drive icon removing bug
· Moved Vista logon to Windows interface section
· Re-arranged transforming process for easier understanding
· Removed Windows Media Player 11 (Codename Eclipse) skin (Get the real beta ones if you want to use it)
· Removed out-dated Vista wallpapers (Get wallpaper pack from somewhere if you want all of them)
· Seperated Set Windows Vista OS drive icon option from system files icon option
· Seperated system files and Vista UI stuffs for ease of management
· Updated appearance selection on uninstall instead of enable/disable Themes service
· Updated toolbar button
· Updated massive Vista icons from build 5472 (million thanks to Sebas who helped me with the icon resources)
· Updated Vista boot screen with previous ones (since it looks better)
· Updated Vista logo in System Properties from build
· Updated Vista logon background (higher resolution)
· Updated Vista sounds scheme (Startup and Logon from Beta 2 build)
· Updated Vista toolbar flag
· Updated Vista visual styles
· |-Updated Vista Beta 2 horizontal shellstyle (Added Blue folder icon)
· |-Updated Vista Beta 2 TaskBandButton with new fancy light button
· |-Updated Vista Beta 2 themes with ressources from build 5472
· |-Updated Vista Beta 2 visual style and normal WindowBlinds skin with new Standard theme
· |-Updated Vista WindowBlinds glass border (Now it’s as close as the real ones!)
· |-Updated Start globe to be compatible with VistaStart (Test with 1.3)
· Updated Vista wireless tray icon
· Updated new Calculator and TimeDate icon
· Updated Vista Start Menu classic


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