Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Logo Creator 5.0

The Logo Creator 5.0

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The Logo Creator is an application that will help you create incredible logo designs.

Corporate logos, Sports logos, Religious, Real Estate or Cartoon logos! The Logo Creator lets you modify pre-designed images, in your own time - at your own pace.



    1. Anonymous2:30 AM


      Dude, why would you allow this as a free download?!
      What are you gaining from letting users grab my software free - and then providing the key to them!?

      Stop. Please.
      I've done nothing to you other than provide you with my software.

      - Marc

      Marc Sylvester
      CEO - Laughingbird Software
      Creator of The Logo Creator

    2. Ok Marc :( I Removed The Serial :d Never Mind

      Hope You Like My Blog ;)

    3. Anonymous7:22 PM

      Thank you Mr-Bolica :)

      Much appreciated.
      Now I'm happy.

      - Marc

    4. Anonymous3:15 AM

      y'know, I bought The logo Creator 4.1 and then 5.0 came out and Marc charged an extra $19.00 for the upgrade.

      When you buy software - you BUY it!! someone changes a splash screen and calls it an "upgrade" then your files don't work with the new version.

      Now I'm after the serial on PRINCIPAL

      - buy buy

    5. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Hey, I'm Marc Sylvester, I don't know who the hell are u, but thanx :P

    6. Anonymous1:02 AM

      i could make one my own, i'm a graphic designer, this program sucks. not even free.


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