Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sony Cinescore 1.0b Build 177

Sony Cinescore 1.0b Build 177

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Sony Cinescore™ software is a breakthrough in professional soundtrack creation, automatically generating fully composed, multigenre, production music perfect for movies, slideshows, commercials, and radio productions. Arrange your media, then create dynamic and effective musical tracks with a single click. Multiple tracks with functional editing capabilities ensure the most accurate fit for your media, while highly customizable, user-defined settings yield an unlimited number of musical choices. Switch up tempo, mood, and intensity by positioning Hint Markers to correlate with the changes in your video.
Cinescore includes a broad palette of musical themes that can be customized to match the mood and genres of your project. Users select a theme— which are based on instrument, keywords and more— and the Cinescore engine quickly creates music that can be shaped to fit. The software includes 20 customizable themes in multiple genres, 16-bit 44.1kHz song quality and 300 sound effects. Layer musical hits, comedic effects, and sonic textures across multiple tracks to achieve maximum impact. Deliver projects in nearly any format without leaving the Cinescore environment.
Cinescore was created by the same team that brought you Sony Vegas, so it’s safe to bet that we’ll see it as an integrated feature of future versions of the popular NLE software.


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