Thursday, February 08, 2007

Y! Messenger Plus 1.7LK

Y! Messenger Plus 1.7LK

IPB Image

Y! Messenger Plus will add more functions to Yahoo Messenger !

Main Features:

* Y! Pilot, Y! Mate, and Y! Bar ;
o Shortcuts to Yahoo!'s services,
o Launch instant searches on Internet,
o Change chatroom server in real-time (France, Canada, USA, UK, etc)... More than thousand chatrooms all around the world !
o Change current skin,
o Take control of Y! Messenger, Y! Tunnel, etc.
* Y! Emotions ; to personalize your chatroom emotion's list,
* Y! Skin and Y! BitSkin ; to install (or uninstall) new themes (skins) from Zip files,
* Y! Setup Plus ; configuration wizard to setup yours options according to your language and/or country (french, english, spanish, italian, USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, etc).


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