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Vortex 9x, ME and 98

Vortex 9x ME and 98

IPB Image

Vortex 9X the conclusion of our work and the solution for all 98 and Me windows' users.
If you don't know how to setup windows ,you find it hard ,or you don't want to waste your time on waiting for windows to setup .This giant edition from vortex company solves all the problems and makes it easier .The first vortex giant CD, and vortex 9x second giant CD

Dos programs

* Power Quest Partation Magic 8.5
* Symantic Norton Commander (NC 5)
* Symantic Norton Ghost 2003
* Install Disk Operating System (MS-DOS 7.1)
* NTFS Reader

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Windows programs.

* DirectX 9C
* Internet Explorer 6.1
* K-Lite Codeck Pack
* Windows Media Player 9
* Real Alternative
* Tara Plugin For Winamp (Play ra.rm.ram)
* Winamp 5
* Winrar
* ACD See 5
* Adobe Acropat Reader 6.0 ME
* Download Accelerator Plus
* Free Download Manager
* MSN Messenger
* NTFS Windows 98
* Flash Player 7
* Active Icons
* Windows Extras (Themes , Wallpapers,...)

All you have to do is just select the boot from the CD then the CD will start setup and the menu will appear with different choices
- choose format if you want to Format
- choose from the other programs if you want to divide the hard
- choose the Windows you want then select the auto setup or the manual setup
- If you choose the auto setup, it will put all the computer's information automatically including the serial number and it will not ask you for any information and the automatic setup will use the C drive.

When you are done you will get the Windows you choose with these programs

- Internet Explorer 6.1
-Directx 9c
- Windows Media Player 9
- Divx Codec Pack
- Flash Player 7
- Real Alternative
- Winrar
- VB Runtime
- Extra Themes & Wallpapers


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