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Amr Diab - El Leila De 2007

Amr Diab
El Leila De 2007

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Songs List:
Elleela Di - Tonight (Album Title)
Rohi Mertahalak
Khaleek Maaya
Neool Eih
Tool Ma Ana Shayfak
Enta El Ghaly
Aletli Ool
Wo Fehemt Enek

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After a series of delayes and changes, The arabian superstar is now preparing for his latest 2007 effort initially titled "Elleela Di". As previously advised in Christmas, the album is slated for a summer release in the first half of July and will be Diab's final release with Rotana. Album will contain 10 new tracks headed by the amazing
Roohi Mertahalak(B.Mohamed/M.Yehia) and ofcourse Khaleek Ma3aya(A.Qamar/M.Yehia) which lyrics has been throughly changed. Despite all media news, Amr is yet to decide a director, a song and a location to shoot the first video. Album features Amr's usual entourage, Amr Mostafa, Mohamed Yehia, Mohamed Rehayem and Amr himself. Music production was credited to Fahd and a new young talent Hasan Shafey.

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