Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Egyptian Love Day

Happy Egyptian Love Day

4th of November is the Egyptian Love day
it is like the Valentine day
but it is even better you know why
Because when the great Egyptian Journalist Mustafa Amin wrote the idea
in Akhbar Newspaper he didn't mean it for the lovers but
For all the people
Men and Women
Adults and children
The idea is that people must love each other again as humans
We need that now more than anything ,we need to love and respect each other as Humans
And Happy Egyptian Love day
Note: please Mark the 4th of November in Your calender as The Egyptian Love day


  1. salamo 3leko

    hey mr was nice from u 2 remmeber us wiz da the orgin idea from eygpt love's many ppl(including me) thought that it related to lovers only ( 3alam nyetha we7sha:d )

    anyway nice post :)

    hardluck for ahly :((((((


  2. welcome nermeen .. hope you like my blog

    and happy love day .. :P


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