Monday, June 16, 2008

Microsoft Windows Longhorn Build 4074 R2

IPB Image

IPB Image IPB Image

Type: Operating System
Developer: Microsoft
Purpose: client / collection
Platform: x86-64 | x86-32 | EM64T
Core: NT v6.0
Build: 4074
Digit OS: 32 bits
Language: English

Description: in 2006, in the first, when the court was submitted on Windows Vista, it became clear that Microsoft has continued the policy modulyarizatsii system, in the image and likeness of Linux systems. But modularity system as a whole looked weak due to loss of certain components, which, because of its unfinished were not included in the system. Exactly a year needed policy restart Longhorn project that most of his most ardent supporters have not returned to where Microsoft was the most close to the truth. Namely to build 4074. Team enthusiasts have been made on fine-tuning and optimizing the system.


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