Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nancy Ajram - Betfakar Fe Eih 2008

IPB Image

01 - Betfakar Fi Eih
02 - Meen Da Elly Nesik
03 - Men Gheri Ana
04 - Safer (Ana Rohy Maak)
05 - Sahrni Sahr
06 - Baldeyiat (Ana Menno)
07 - Zaman Kan Andi Alb
08 - Lamsset Eid
09 - Li Ha'
10 - Ebn El Geran
11 - Wana Been Eideek (Akbar Men Keda)
12 - Khafef Ale
13 - Mashy Hadi
14 - Betegy Sertak

Download Full CD 224


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