Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CyberLink MediaShow Espresso 5.0.0430.12419 Multilingual

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Fast video conversion software MediaShow Espresso converts videos of all shapes and sizesExpress video conversion software MediaShow Espresso is the hassle-free solution for converting all your favorite videos for playback on iPhone, PSP, Xbox, YouTube and more. Simply choose the preferred media player or medium, and let MediaShow Espresso do the rest.
During video conversion, you'll save precious time with support for powerful Intel® Core i7™, NVIDIA® CUDA™, and ATI® Stream™ CPU/GPU technologies. Leverage the combined performance of your CPU and GPU to convert files quickly and efficiently.
Before starting your projects, you'll find browsing for videos to be a fun experience with MediaShow Espresso's intuitive interface. When it's time to start converting, a simple 2-step process and batch jobs feature deliver an easy way of completing your projects on time and on demand. Faster performance doesn't necessarily mean you have to waste power though, as you'll find out with MediaShow Espresso's energy-saving feature, auto-shutdown.

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