Sunday, July 26, 2009

Avanquest Perfect Image v12.0.6869 
The Award-Winning Backup & Recovery Solution with Automatic, Worry-Free Backup Scheduling!
Backup and imaging software isn't something many of us get excited about until it's too late, when critical documents, financial data, music or photos are lost with little or no chance of recovery.Don't take the chance of losing the data and memories that mean the most to you, protect them now with Perfect Image.
Best of all, unlike traditional backup software, you will never have to do a re-installation of software or Windows again! Create an exact copy of your PC and restore it from any major failure in minutes, or just back up important files and recover them even faster!Our innovative product provides everything you need to sleep well at night, knowing all of your data is safe and can be easily restored at anytime.

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