Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hero Screen Recorder 2.0.2

Hero Screen Recorder 2.0.2

Hero Screen Recorder -- A screen capture, screen recorder, video capture software output GIF, AVI, EXE.

Hero Screen Recorder is a screen capture and video capture software that can record full or any area of computer screen. You can use this screen capture software to capture any screen activity and save them as AVI.EXE and GIF format. It supports sound recorder, text annotation and user-friendly floating toolbar. You can combine files and edit frames with it. It is a tool very useful for image editing and creation of presentation documents and help files.

Main Features:

Screen Capture, Save and Playback
Hero Screen Recorder can record all activities in full screen, active windows, fixed area and predefined area along with mouse and keyboard sound. You can select to save them as EXE, AVI, GIF or HSR formats and playback automatically or manually.

Image Editing
Hero Screen Recorder's editing component can mark up recorded images with text annotation to help explain the images. With it, you won't need to purchase an additional graphics application. You can also use its catalog browser to view HSR files in your computer and combine them into one and play continuously as a whole. What's more you can delete frames easily and add sound annotation while editing the recorded files.

Option Settings
You can select input and output model, show, hide and use custom cursor , add date and time and choose what voice to record from Options setting.

Hero Screen Recorder is widely used in viewing, capturing and editing of images for design manuals, software presentation documents, training, tutorial, help files, web pages and much more. You can use it to show the feature of your software, to make multimedia files and share them with your friends. Hero Screen Recorder is a must-have, all-in-one screen capture utility. It will help improve your message by visually communicating your thoughts and ideas. Hero's easy-to-use capture options will quickly increase your productivity by allowing you to spend more time creating and less time explaining! There is a lot you can expect from this remarkable product!


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