Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Nero 7 Lite

Nero 7 Lite

IPB Image

Nero 7 Lite is a full functional Burning Software Suite

· Nero Burning Rom
· Nero Express
· Nero CoverDesigner
· Nero WaveEditor
· Nero Toolkit
· MauSau Audio Plugins
· Complete Nero Help

IPB Image

IPB Image

However Nero 7 Lite is still a lite pack, so these programs are left out:

· Nero Home
· nero Scout
· Nero StartSmart
· Nero SoundTrax
· Nero Vision
· Nero Recode
· Nero Showtime
· Nero MediaHome
· Nero PhotoSnap
· Nero BackItUp
· Nero InCD
· Nero SoundBox
· Nero ImageDrive

A micro version only contains Nero Burning Rom with basic Audio/VideoCD support (English).

Changes in version

- Upgraded components to Nero
- Replaced MauSau Ogg Vorbis Audioplugin with Nero Ogg Vorbis plugin
- Removed MauSau Aac Audioplugin
- Added English language to all versions of Nero 7 Lite. Note: This does not include English Help files
- New Unattended switches: /USER, /COMPANY and /SERIAL
- Regression bug: Nero VCD/SVCD encoding was broken in Nero 7 Lite v7.2.7.0
- No more Windows 98/ME support

You might notice Nero 7 Lite setup has become larger. This is due to new icon resources added by Ahead. For next version of Nero Micro release I already strip resources. I will do that as well for all Nero Lite releases when I have more time. Unless someone can proof to me it is absolute necessary to have icons larger than 48x48 pixels.


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