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VCOM Fix-It Utilities Professional

VCOM Fix-It Utilities Professional

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Keep Your System Running Better, Faster, Longer! Why PC Utilities? Like a car, PCs need maintenance and repair. Running PC diagnostics and utilities on your computer is the equivalent of taking your car in for a tune-up. Fix-It Utilities™ Professional 6 optimizes system performance and our computer diagnostics finds and prevents problems before they occur. In addition, have easy, scheduled maintenance to keep your PC in top shape.

Fix-It Utilities includes powerful diagnostic tools to aid in finding problems with your system. SMARTCheck Hard Disk Failure Early Warning System notifies you when your SMART-compatible hard drive motor is having trouble, before the motor stops and your data is inaccessible. PCDiagnostics™ checks and reports on your installed system hardware including memory, hard drives, serial and parallel ports, video and sound cards, modems, and more! It pinpoints errors and identifies possible causes of trouble. SystemExplorer™ scans your system and provides a complete list of system statistics. SystemMonitors keeps an eye on your system resources and warns you when monitored resources reach critical levels. ErrorTracker logs all Windows errors messages to assist in troubleshooting system problems.

There's nothing like a clean, well-organized disk drive to help your PC launch programs and files fast. DiskCleaner and DiskFixer can help you regain wasted disk space and repair problems on the drive's surface. JETDefrag™, the high-performance disk defragmenter, gives you a fast power tool that reorganizes your hard drive. It consolidates data so your programs and files aren't in pieces all over the drive. And the IntelliCluster technology ensures that your data is arranged on the drive the way YOU use it.

Whether you need assistance or just prefer simple, one-step processes, FixWizards are the answer to your regular PC maintenance needs. Choose from the SpeedUp, CleanUp, or FixUp Wizard, or run the All-in-One Wizard to take care of everything automatically!

Emergency Fix and Rescue Tools - When your computer won't boot and you're unsure of the trouble, Fix-It tools help you solve the problem. Included is an Emergency Response Manual to easily guide you through the trouble-shooting process to fix and restore your system when it won't boot. The Fix-It Utilities CD is bootable and can also help you save data and restore corrupted computer files. Use Fix-It Utilities to get your PC up and running again.

These days, viruses are everywhere. The Fix-It Utilities VirusScanner™ Pro helps protect your PC from a wide range of viruses. Plus, you are able to download the latest virus updates from the VCOM website 24 hours a day - providing you with the most current protection available - around the clock.

Protect yourself from identity theft! New anti-spyware technology detects and removes spyware and other unwanted programs designed to steal personal data and monitor online activity.

Fix-It Utilities™ Professional Features:
* Anti Spyware! Our updated Anti-Spyware engine provides continuous scanning or run on-demand operation finds and removes spyware, adware, Joke programs, Hack tools, remote access tools, password cracking applications and more. Also powered by Trend Micro to deliver world-class protection.
* Anti-Virus with Cleaner! Anti-Virus protection prevents your system from being infected with harmful viruses. Scan automatically or on-demand and remove found infections instantly.
* PC Diagnostics! Test audio, video, motherboard, memory, DVD, network card, and much more with the extra-powerful System Diagnostics!
* One-step Wizards for Easy Maintenance! Four easy-to-use FixWizards allows you to fix, clean, optimize your system or perform an all-in-one system tune-up automatically!
* Speed Up Program Launch Time! JETDeFrag™ optimizes your disk and helps to open programs and files faster!
* Emergency Response Manual! An extensive resource to help in the event of an emergency. Step-by-step instructions detail how to restore your system if it will not boot and how to recover critical data that's been lost.
* SMARTDiskCheck Early Warning System! SMARTDiskCheck detects when your hard drive is having problems so that you can take steps to protect your valuable data before it is lost.
* Ultimate Registry Tools! Speed performance even more by defragmenting the registry and fixing broken links.
* Recover Lost Data! Extra insurance in the case of an accidental file deletion or an attack from a virus. FileUndeleter can restore deleted files for you. Recovery Commander can offload files, even if your system won't boot!
* Clock Synchronizer! Keep your PC clock on time! Synchronize your PC with a known, reliable, accurate Internet time source. You can even schedule this to happen automatically!
* Windows Error Message Tracker! ErrorTracker collects and logs all Windows error messages to aid you in trouble-shooting system problems.
* Bootable Rescue Disk! The Fix-It Utilities 7 Professional CD is bootable and can help you get your system back, fix problems, perform basic partitioning actions such as create, format, delete, and more. Includes full support for all Windows file systems including NTFS.

New Features :
- VirusScanner™ Pro Improved! - VirusScanner Pro includes an updated Anti-Virus engine and cleaner that locates and removes more viruses than ever! Powered by Trend Micro to give you one of the best Anti-Virus protection available.
- Anti-Spyware New! - Our updated Anti-Spyware engine provides continuous scanning or run on-demand operation finds and removes spyware, adware, Joke programs, Hack tools, remote access tools, password cracking applications and more. Also powered by Trend Micro to deliver world-class protection.
- PCDiagnostics Improved! - New diagnostics covers USB, Firewire, DVD drives and Network cards. Other changes for improved analysis under Windows XP.
- Quick Status Screen New! - Now it's quicker and easier than ever before to get and use the extensive tools and information to monitor the status of your PC. One-click Protect and One-Click Optimize takes care of the details in one step, or select specific functions identified as problems. Event status summarizes files scanned, and viruses and Spyware detected since Fix-It was installed.
- Startup Optimizer and Manager™ New! - Identifies and lets you remove start up programs that slowdown and may even harm your system. Includes an extensive database of programs and services to help identify what many items do, their importance and security risk.
- Easy Update Improved! - New differential updates for Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware pattern files are far smaller and faster to download.


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