Wednesday, October 04, 2006

McAfee Spamkiller 7.0.21 Retail

McAfee Spamkiller 7.0.21 Retail

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Spam is everywhere--unsolicited, inappropriate, and offensive e-mail, embarrassing product pitches, and other annoying messages invading your inbox. What was once an annoyance has turned dangerous, as spam has become a means for criminals to steal personal and financial information using fraudulent "phishing" e-mails posing as reputable financial institutions.

Proven security that blocks unwanted and malicious e-mail, McAfee SpamKiller allows you to regain control of the content reaching your inbox. It also protects your personal and financial information against known "phishing" scams by blocking access to known and potentially fraudulent identity theft Web sites.


-Prevents identified spam from reaching your inbox
-Protects you against known "phishing" scams
-Reports spam to Internet service providers and other authorities
-Safeguards your identity by isolating e-mail scams
-Updates automatically to protect against new threats


-New! AntiPhishing Internet Explorer plug-in identifies and blocks known and potential "phishing" Web sites and scams.
-New! Advanced filtering features support hidden "meta-character" filtering and "junk" text identification.
-New! Streamlined account auto-detection provides automatic, immediate integration and configuration with your existing e-mail accounts.
-New! Outlook and Outlook Express toolbar integration allows spam to be managed directly from within Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express.
-Invisible text and image filtering zeroes in on colorless content and/or image-only or image-heavy e-mails that spammers use to evade anti-spam engines.
-Intentional misspelling filtering helps detect spam with intentional misspellings, including improper capitalization or character replacements (e.g., in place of mortgage).



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