Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Total Recorder Pro v.6.0

Total Recorder Pro v.6.0

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Total Recorder Professional Edition records PC audio from almost any source, including streamed audio from programs like Real Player and Windows Media Player. It can also record conventional audio from CD's, the microphone and other input lines on a sound card.The Professional Edition also includes features like the Sound Image facility, the Auto Split feature and the ability to initiate a web connection to record a scheduled web broadcast. For more details, see the Total Recorder overview or the Frequently Asked Questions page. Please see this page for a comparison chart of the different Total Recorder editions.Please see this pages for information relating to the Audio Restoration or Graphic Equalizer add-ons available for Total Recorder Professional Edition.


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    1. Anonymous4:55 AM

      will this not require a serial to run past the trial period ?


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